2nd LSST Solar System Readiness Sprint – Intro

Welcome to the 2nd LSST Solar System Readiness Sprint! We’re here at Adler Planetarium in the very nice Samuel C. Johnson Star Theater on Tues, June 4, 2019. Participants include Meg Schwamb, Mario Juric, Henry Hsieh, Steve Chesley, Michael Kelley, Tim Lister, Wes Fraser, Lynne Jones, Siegfried Eggl, Geza Gyuk, Matt Wiesner, Mark SubbaRao, Aaron Geller, Cliff Johnson, and myself (Darin Ragozzine).

The program for the Sprint is here:


where you can see that today were getting introduced to various concepts and then breaking into working groups.

The meeting is being transmitted on Blue Jeans and the slides will be posted, so I’ll be focusing my liveblogging on the in-room discussion. I’ll work on sending that information soon. Let the Sprint begin!

We’d like to thank Adler Planetarium, the Planetary Society, the B612 Foundation, and the LSST Corporation for support. They enabled this valuable meeting and we appreciate them!


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