SSSC Sprint Liveblog – SSSC Update by Schwamb and Trilling

Meg Schwamb and David Trilling are Solar System Science Collaboration Co-Chairs.

LSST will produce incredible solar system science and we need to prepare and support our science. We’ve already provided our SSSC Science Roadmap.

Please join and participate in the working groups, currently mostly by email. For example, polls, which currently haven’t had as much participation as we would like.

Also working on white papers (due Nov) to request Northern Ecliptic Spur and other cadence and survey conditions. Here are white paper ideas and putative leaders so far:

  1. Deep Drilling Fields (Trillling)
  2. Northern Ecliptic Spur (Schwamb)
  3. Defense of two observations per field per night (and in what filters)
  4. Two snaps per visit or one?
  5. Rolling cadence?

Goal: get together and spend 3 days making something or writing something that helps us prepare for LSST. You can lead and pitch a project today.

Meg gave some great tips about how to work together and act during the Sprint. Thanks Meg for all your hard work in organizing the Sprint!


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