Public Event: July 10th – A Special Solar System Edition of Astronomy on Tap Seattle


We’re pleased to announce with the help of the Large Synoptic Survey Telecope (LSST) Corporation’s Enabling Science Grant, the LSST Solar System Science Collaboration (SSSC) will be holding a public event as part of our 1st LSST Solar System Sprint in July.  We’ve partnered with Astronomy on Tap: Seattle and Peddler Brewing Company for a special edition of Astronomy on Tap: Seattle. This Solar System Extravaganza will be four public talks:

Location: Peddler Brewing Company, 1514 NW Leary Way Seattle, WA 98107

When: Tuesday July 10, 2018 – 8-10 pm

Cost: Free Entry


David Trilling (Northern Arizona University): The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope: What it is and why you should care

Michael Mommert (Lowell Observatory):  It’s an asteroid. It’s a comet. It’s complicated…

Kat Volk (University of Arizona): Tales from the Outer Solar System

Andy Rivkin (Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory): A Crash Course in Asteroid Defense

And a special thanks to Peddler Brewing Company for opening on a special day for this event and to Brett Morris and Nicole Sanchez, Astronomy on Tap: Seattle organizers, for making this possible.

See you in Seattle!